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How A Plastic Surgeon Can Help You Get the Transformation You’re Looking For

Enhance Your Appearance with A Brow and Face LiftYou don’t have to let the effects of aging wear down your beautiful looks. A brow lift can revitalize the skin above your eyes, restoring the smooth, natural appearance of your youth. Multiple procedures like facelifts and brow lifts can be combined to improve your overall appearance even further, restoring your confidence and youthful, healthy skin.

Should I Get Both a Brow Lift and Facelift?

A professional facial plastic surgeon can expertly combine brow lifts and facelifts to maximize your results. A brow lift is an effective procedure that addresses the upper half of your face, including the forehead and between the eyes. A face lift works on the lower half of your face, including the neck, chin and cheeks. When combined together, you can directly address all your problem areas and see massive improvements in skin texture and charming, youthful shine.

Brow Lifts

Your forehead and eyes play a huge role in how you express yourself. After years of aging and facial expressions, your brow can furrow or sag, giving you the permanent appearance of being worried or angry. You may even struggle with brow asymmetry. Your genetic background often determines how heavy your brow will become, giving your face a consistent look of being unhappy or in a bad mood. No matter the reason behind your heavy, asymmetrical or sagging forehead, a brow lift can improve your overall look and confidence while making you more approachable.

There are several brow lifts your surgeon may consider based on your needs.

  • An endoscopic brow lift is a popular option due to its minimal invasiveness. Short incisions are made behind your hairline so the professional can then move the muscles and tissues of the forehead.
  • A temporal/limited incision brow lift is similar to the endoscopic except the incisions are often longer and require different tools. This brow lift technique is often performed alongside eyelid surgery.
  • Finally, the classic/coronal brow lift is the standard technique that makes one incision behind the hairline from one ear across to the other. Many surgeons favor other techniques that are less invasive but just as effective.

The incisions for a brow lift are closed with staples or sutures and are typically removed about a week after the surgery. You’ll feel very little pain but can experience some discomfort, forehead tightness, swelling or bruising that fade after two weeks at most. Your return to regular daily activities will depend greatly on how many procedures were performed. By relying on a professional cosmetic surgeon and practicing safe and healthy skincare, the substantial results from this procedure can last years.

Face Lifts

Facelifts target the effects of aging on the lower half of the face, from deep wrinkles to loose neck skin. Rather than losing your confidence as the elasticity and youthfulness of your skin fades, you can boost the volume of your facial tissues and remove unwanted jowls and sagginess. Many adults interested in cosmetic procedures like facelifts and brow lifts enjoy both the physical benefits of the procedure as well as an uplifted mood and improved confidence.

A mini-facelift is the perfect option for those with small issues like saggy skin. The procedure is minimally invasive, with incisions made either along the hairline or hidden around the ears. A surgeon then tightens the facial tissues or deep cheek tissues to correct and rejuvenate the face. The standard facelift provides more results and is perfect for those showing higher levels of aging. The incisions for this procedure are placed similarly to the mini-facelift and allow the surgeon to work with the facial tissues to smooth lines and remove excess skin causing sagging.

Recovery for a mini-facelift is much shorter than for a traditional facelift. Many people return to their regular schedules after only two weeks but strenuous activities and exercise should be avoided for about four weeks. Each person is different in their recovery time. Cosmetic procedures are intended to mitigate the signs of aging but can’t rewind the clock or stop aging altogether. By staying healthy and maintaining a regular skin care regimen, your facelift can provide stunning results that last for months if not years.

Don’t miss out on the amazing benefits of a brow lift and facelift combo at the same time. Aging skin doesn’t have to stop you from looking and feeling your best. Westside Face is staffed with certified and expert medical professionals ready to substantially change your life for the better.

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