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Facelift: What to Expect, Complications, RecoveryA rhytidectomy, known commonly as a face lift Los Angeles, works to restore a more youthful appearance to the face. This surgery focuses mainly on the lower half of the face to get rid of excess skin that causes unwanted wrinkles and jowls. For those who are unfamiliar, jowls are those nasty jawline wrinkles that just won’t go away.

Los Angeles facial cosmetic surgery is usually a combination of a face lift Los Angeles and alterations of the forehead, brows, eyelids, and cheeks. This provides an overall tightening effect to the underlying tissues of the face. This surgery was performed on over 107,000 women in 2016 alone. Just under 14,000 men opted for a facial lift surgery in Los Angeles in 2016. It’s fairly apparent that this type of surgery is more commonly performed on women than men.

What Is A Face Lift?

A face lift is defined as an outpatient procedure that restores the youthful look of the face. During the procedure, incisions are made in front of your ears, behind the ears, and up along the hairline. Your surgeon will proceed to pull the released muscle sheet and remove any excess skin. This procedure typically takes about two to five hours to complete, depending on the desired results of the surgery.

With this being performed as an outpatient procedure, the patient can go home the same day. Most facelifts are performed under local anesthetics and sedatives in the office. Some patients may prefer to use general anesthesia for the surgery.

If you opt for a neck lift in Los Angeles alongside a face lift, the surgeon will also make a small incision under your chin. They’ll proceed to tighten up the skin around the neck. This provides a more youthful appearance to the neck. The incisions are typically closed with dissolvable sutures or staples. In some cases, a drain may be placed behind the ears for a day or two to collect excess body fluids and blood.

Pre-Surgery Consultation

If you’re interested in undergoing a saggy neck surgery in Los Angeles or desire a facial lift surgery in Los Angeles, you’ll need to set up an initial consultation with your chosen plastic surgeon. They will start by reviewing your medical history to see if you’re a good candidate for the procedure. During this review, they’ll look for things like medications, smoking history, blood pressure, allergies, and any pre-existing skin conditions.

Once a medical history is taken, you’ll discuss the procedure with your surgeon. During this time, they will be able to answer any questions you have regarding the surgery and its results. Your surgeon will carefully listen to what your expected results are from the surgery to determine if you have realistic expectations.

New Technology

Los Angeles facial cosmetic surgery is constantly adapting and evolving with the use of new technology. New advancements are aimed at making procedures less invasive and much quicker than ever before. Their objective is to provide a safer surgery for the patient and a much faster recovery time.

Lasers are among some of the recent upgrades in face lift and neck lift Los Angeles surgeries. These help to liposculpt the jawline and resurface the skin for an overall better look. Endoscopy is becoming a popularly used form of surgery for brow and face lifts. This type of surgery uses a small camera to make much smaller incisions into the tissues than what a traditional surgeon is capable of. Due to the smaller size of the incisions, this endoscopy procedure results in less trauma to the neck and facial tissues and a much faster recovery time for the patient.

Liposuction is another procedure technique that is commonly used to address saggy neck surgery Los Angeles. This procedure removes unwanted local fat deposits from the face and surrounding tissue. This can provide a much cleaner and more aesthetically-appealing look for the patient.

What Are Potential Surgical Complications

While face lifts tend to be one of the safest forms of cosmetic surgery, some complications can arise. Your chosen surgeon should go over these with you prior to your surgery so that you know what could go wrong. While the actual incidence rate is extremely low, some of the complications that patients experience can include:

  • Infection
  • Loss Of Hair At The Incision Site
  • Numbness
  • Scarring
  • Bleeding
  • Bruising
  • Damage To The Facial Nerves
  • Hematoma
  • Skin Necrosis

How Long Does Recovery Take?

It’s first important to note that every person heals at their own rate. Age plays a big role in your ability to heal quickly. It’s highly expected that a younger patient with no pre-existing medical conditions will heal much quicker than an older patient with no pre-existing medication conditions.

On average, recovery usually takes about two full weeks. Most patients will experience some discomfort, bruising, and swelling within the first two days after the surgery is performed. These can usually be managed with medication. Patients are highly advised to avoid any sort of vigorous activity for about four weeks from the date of their surgery.

About five to ten days after your surgery, you can expect to have your sutures removed. In some cases, your surgeon may use dissolvable sutures so that they don’t have to be physically removed after the surgery. It’s best to discuss this particular fact with your plastic surgeon prior to undergoing any sort of cosmetic surgery.

In Summary

As you’ve discovered, face lifts are a very common type of plastic surgery that both men and women undergo. However, many more women have this procedure performed than men. Most opt for including a neck lift alongside undergoing a face lift surgery. While there are some rare complications that can occur from the surgery, most patients recover fully within a couple of weeks. If you’re looking to restore the youthful look of your face, then you may want to consider undergoing a face lift surgery.

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