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Get Smooth, Clear Skin With Laser Stretch Mark Reduction in Los Angeles

Remove Stretch Marks With Laser TreatmentsStretch marks occur when the skin is stretched too quickly for its elasticity to handle. Pregnant women or bodybuilders building muscle are prone to developing stretch marks because the skin is expanding to accommodate fast-growing muscle, fat, or a fetus.

Stretch marks can be red, purple, or silvery-white in appearance, and they resemble tiger stripes. These can fade with time, but many people have these marks on their skin for the rest of their lives.

Despite their extreme commonality on the human body, stretch marks can be a source of insecurity. The goal of our Los Angeles facial cosmetic surgery practice is to make our clients feel good on the inside and out. If something on your face or body is impacting your confidence and self-image, then we encourage you to come into our clinic for a consultation.

Our doctors are highly trained and always give patients a clear walkthrough of the process. If you are in need of scar or stretch mark removal, laser scar reduction will leave you with beautiful, glowing skin.

Luckily, laser skin resurfacing is a fraction of the cost of other types of cosmetic surgery in Los Angeles, so your long lasting results won’t break the bank. While procedures like a face lift or rhinoplasty require preparation and recovery time, laser skin resurfacing requires minimal involvement. During your initial evaluation, a Los Angeles cosmetic specialist will walk you through the procedure to give you a clearer picture, but we also provide an overview of skin resurfacing below.

Laser Skin Resurfacing for Stretch Marks 

You may be surprised that the scars you’ve had since puberty can be diminished permanently with a non-surgical procedure. Because of its non-invasive nature, laser therapy does not usually require an anesthetic and can be done in 30 minutes to 2 hours, depending on the extent of the stretch marks.

A short procedure time means a shorter recovery time, and you should be able to return to your normal routine the very next day. A slightly pink tinge to your skin is normal after laser stretch mark reduction in Los Angeles. Laser treatments for stretch marks require a powerful laser, so you may also have some burning or itching at the treatment site. It’s important not to touch or scratch, as it can damage the progress.

It’s important to note that lasers are best suited for newer stretch marks because they’ve reached fewer lasers of skin. If your stretch marks are purple or red, they are new and can be helped by a skin specialist. If they are white, then they will be harder to treat. Nevertheless, laser skin treatments have been known to cause a 20 to 50% improvement in stretch marks.

Even if your stretch marks are older and deep, we still recommend that you visit our office, as we may be able to do something to help your skin out.

Other Treatments for Stretch Marks

Microdermabrasion is used as an alternative treatment option for many problems that laser skin resurfacing treats, including stretch marks, scarring, and dark spots. This is a bit more painful than laser skin resurfacing, and your face will be very red and even have minimal bleeding. Microdermabrasion is done by dragging a diamond-tip needle across the face, penetrating the skin to bring white blood cells to the surface to make it look better than ever.

Stretch marks can also be treated with lotions and oils that enrich the skin. Some of these include Vitamin E oil, cocoa butter, shea butter, and any lotion that contains hyaluronic acid. In fact, your doctor may prescribe Retin-A, Tretinoin, or some other kind of skin cream to speed up the turnover of cells and aid their healing.

Contacting a Doctor

Dr. Aynehchi is one of the only double board-certified plastic surgeons in the country, and this shows through a track record of five-star reviews from patients. With over 3,000 procedures under his belt, his steady hand and eye for aesthetics make him the top plastic surgeon in Los Angeles.

If you need a brow lift, neck liposuction, or some other kind of aesthetic improvement done to your face or body, contact our office!

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