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How Quickly Can You Recover from Chin or Neck Lipo?2021-04-25T03:06:03+00:00

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How Quickly Can You Recover from Chin or Neck Lipo?Chin liposuction or neck lipo are operational procedures to slim your neck and face, giving you a more toned appearance and confidence. However, when you start researching neck liposuction, you might find yourself asking lots of questions that need to be countered before scheduling an appointment. For instance, what is the disparity between neck liposuction and neck fat removal? Also what is the cost of neck fat removal?

In comparison to other liposuction procedures, recovery, and swelling from chin  modifications are minimal. For our facial cosmetic surgery in Los Angeles, we use state of the art technology and methods that give a natural look. It also takes less time to perform the process itself; hence, patients go home early to rest and to recover. Most of these procedures, including liposuction, are achieved on an outpatient basis.

Expectations after chin liposuction?

After the procedure, patients should expect swelling on the incision site and the treatment area. This can make the patient’s chin appear more massive than before surgery, but it is advisable to endure, be rational, and calm as the swelling will decrease quickly.

Also, there may be some discomfort, but any discomfort that is not mild will be treated with medications to aid the patient control pain. In most cases, after surgery, any discomfort or pain should go away within a few days. If the patient is still uncomfortable after a week, they should contact their doctor to determine the best steps to take. The incision site may need drainage to reduce swelling and discomfort for some patients.

After the procedure, patients will also receive bandages at the incision sites and a head bandage to maintain sufficient care on the chin to enable the healing. The head bandage should reduce swelling and, at the same time, ensure that the patient’s skin perfectly matches the outline of the chin. Whereas each patient recovers differently, patients should generally expect to wear a headband for a week after double chin reduction in Los Angeles. Throughout this recovery period, patients are usually advised to avoid working for a few days and, at times, up to a week, as they must focus on relaxation.

It is also useful to try to stay upright and straight for days after the procedure. This can aid the healing process; though it may make sleeping difficult, the process will pay off in a faster and more effective recovery.

Chin and Neck Lipo Recovery Time

Some patients may feel fine after chin liposuction and return to their normal activities the next day. Almost all patients return in three days, after the swelling goes away, and many of them make a full recovery after one week. The pain associated is usually minimal. The doctor makes use of local anesthesia during the procedure to numb the patient.

However, the neck and chin are sensitive parts. Specialists at Westside Face strongly suggest that patients continue to wear the chin strap or wrap for approximately two weeks to reduce post-surgery inflammation and help the skin adjust appropriately to the new chin or neck contour.

How to Sleep Once You Get Chin Lipo and Other Healing Tips

Listed below are five tips that reduce swelling and pain and aid healing in the initial few days after the surgery.

  • Sleep in a reclining chair and put your head at least 30 degrees high
  • Make enough ice to put on the surgery area
  • Do not bend or lean over
  • Ensure your blood pressure stays under control
  • Don’t take medications that can result in bruising. Usually, this comprises NSAID blood thinners, pain relievers, and various supplements. Your doctor will analyze your regular diet for supplements, vitamins, and medications.

Your doctor may ask you to continue with one or more of the above steps after your postoperative visit. Some individuals swell quite easily and benefit from applying additional ice until the swelling subsides. For other patients, the total recovery time from chin liposuction can be two weeks. However, most discomfort and bruising will disappear after several days.

Patients Can Experience Cosmetic Benefits During Recovery

Liposuction operates through making small incisions in the treatment part and inserting cannulas that absorb fluid and fat accumulated there. You experience some bleeding in the treatment area. The sutures used to tighten the chin dissolve and fall off, usually in 7-10 days. The process also involves tightening your skin to form attractive jaws.

Often, patients notice an improvement in their appearance, even while they are recovering. Patients start to see their fresh appearance as soon as the swelling begins to subside. The loss of a double chin and, at times, excess skin on the neck can contribute to a noticeable facial enhancement. Newly-tightened skin makes individuals look (and feel) younger.

When you think about how long it will take to heal (usually one week) to how long it will last (seven to ten years), it is easy to comprehend why it is one of the most rewarding facial cosmetic surgeries for men and women.

Fat Cells Don’t Return after Liposuction

Liposuction gets rid of fat cells from your body, and they do not grow back. Patients who add weight after liposuction will not “develop” new cells, as fat cells grow during puberty. The weight gain will cause the remaining cells to expand.

However, individuals who maintain an average, a healthy weight will gain long-term benefits from lipo, especially on the face. The severity and deficiency of collagen in the skin contribute more to the sagging of the skin. Genetics can also play a huge role.

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