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Which is Better – Kybella or Neck Liposuction?2021-06-15T11:29:36+00:00

Which is Better – Kybella or Neck Liposuction?

Which is Better – Kybella or Neck Liposuction?Selfies have been gaining traction with the onset of smartphones. This gives you one more reason for becoming conscious about your ‘double chin.’

Double chins are caused by fat accumulating under the chin. Medically, this condition is referred to as submental lipolysis. You don’t have to weigh more to have this problem. If you have been paying attention to your TV-shows, you might have noticed that there are pretty many people with double chin.

You might agree that selfies have come to open people up to the undesirable feature. Though many people might argue that the various filtering applications on the phones can hack it, they don’t solve it. A look in the mirror, and you will still find it. This is despite using image enhancement modules on your cell phone.

Due to this reason, many people have decided to seek a lasting solution to the problem. Currently, there are two options for the basic treatment available. These options are:

  • Submental liposuction
  • Kybella

Now, you might be wondering which one is better than the other. Which one has the best treatment capabilities and so on. However, the answer to these questions is dependent on every single case. Liposuction treatment removes fat from your chin by sucking out the fat cells.

Kybella, on the other hand, treats the problem by destroying the fat cells directly. Kybella is also referred to as deoxycholic acid. If you want your neck profile improved, submental liposuction or Kybella may be beneficial. However, the procedure results are dependent on your skin scarring and other factors to determine whether your profile will be uplifted after fat removal. For a complete procedure, the process will take about 2-3 months for successful fat elimination.

It is for this reason that you will find that examination by a certified surgeon is very crucial. Most doctors will evaluate your neck skin too. This will help them in deciding whether you are an excellent candidate for neck treatment. For this treatment, your skin must have a good deal of elasticity. This elasticity helps your skin to redrape after the removal of fat. If your skin becomes very loose after the removal of fat, you will probably need a neck lift. For supplemental information, you can search for ‘neck fat removal in Los Angeles’ to get the locations and clinics in your area.
To better understand the two treatments, let us take a look at each of them individually.

Kybella Treatment

This is a treatment that uses the basis of injection. It can easily be done in an office space without much of a hassle. This treatment has no downtime. However, you will probably experience some very significant swelling after the first few days of the procedure. For this reason, your doctor will recommend doing it towards the end of the week so that you can have the whole weekend to recover. The risks and complications associated with this problem are very minimal.

The FDA has resolved all the outstanding issues that might have been experienced from the treatment. After testing and trials, the association has listed swelling, redness, and pain as the only complications that you might experience after Kybella treatment.

Due to your chin reacting to pain, you will probably experience some numbness that subsides with time. A study on the treatment had some patients reporting difficulties while swallowing. If this is your case, it is probably due to the swelling that is pushing your throat. As mentioned above, all these issues have been settled by the food and drug administration agency. You will, however, be at risk of getting your marginal mandibular nerve injured. This is the nerve that moves the corners of your mouth. If your doctor keeps the injector away from the nerve, you will not have anything to worry about.

To get the desired results, you might have to get two or more of these procedures. The procedure involves injections that will be administered by your doctor for a period they find fit. The injections will be spread between a minimum of two months. After every two months, the doctor will analyze the results with you to find whether you have achieved what you wanted. If not, the procedure continues until your double chin disappears. The amount of medicine that you will take for this particular procedure is dependent on the amount of fat in your chin.

Submental Liposuction

On the other hand, if you prefer a surgical procedure, submental liposuction is your best choice. During the procedure, your doctor will administer anesthesia or general sedation. The doctor will place incisions below your chin and behind each year. Then the doctor will do the liposuction through the incisions. After the procedure, the doctor will close the incisions and dress the wounds. The downtime for this procedure is about two weeks. The downside of this procedure is the use of surgery. Surgery comes with risks that include infections, scarring, bleeding, nerve injury, and other potential complications.

This procedure involves very major but rare complications. Some of the organs that could get infected are the trachea marginal mandibular nerve, neck vessels, and also lungs. Successful liposuction will scalp your neck. It will give you a better-looking neck contour in just three months. This procedure does not require extra sessions. 

Benefits Associated With Each Procedure

You might think that Kybella is the best option since no surgery is involved; however, it is not. For most people, submental liposuction is the best deal. This is because it is a one-time procedure that does not involve frequent visits. Kybella, on the other hand, is a good idea if you do not want to go for surgery or be sedated.

Scheduling a Consultation

Suppose you live in California, and you are not sure where to get any of these services. You can search ‘Los Angeles facial cosmetic surgery,’ ‘neck liposuction,’ ‘neck lipo procedure,’ or ‘double chin reduction.’ At Westside Face, we provide our patients with optimal results while taking one’s medical history into account for a safe procedure. Call now to schedule a consultation with our of our board-certified doctors.

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