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Recognizing a Broken Nose: Self-care, Treatment and Recovery

Recognizing a Broken Nose: Self-care, Treatment and Recovery

Signs of a Broken Nose

If you receive a severe blow to the nose, then you may wonder if it is broken, and there are several ways to determine if this has occurred, including:

  • Severe bleeding from the nose
  • Nose has an odd shape
  • Seeing bone or cartilage
  • Bruising on the face or the nose
  • Intense mucus discharge
  • Pain in the nose or face
  • Problems breathing

When you suspect that your nose is broken, you must seek help from our corrective nose surgery Santa Monica medical facility. However, you must provide proper care for your nose before your same day Santa Monica broken nose repair by our knowledgeable surgeon.

Self-care for the Nose
If your nose is bleeding, then you should sit in a chair while leaning forward. Avoid touching the nose too much because it can make the situation worse. If you are having breathing difficulties, then you will need to breathe through your mouth until you arrive at our facial plastic surgery Santa Monica office for treatment. You can hold an ice pack against your nose and face to prevent additional swelling. Our surgeon believes that taking pain medication for a broken nose before surgery is a bad idea because it can interfere with the anesthesia, and in addition, some medications can thin the blood, leading to additional bleeding. Bring along your insurance card so that we can begin your treatment as quickly as possible.

Treatment for a Broken Nose
The rhinoplasty procedure Santa Monica patients require can vary, depending on the type of injury that has occurred to the nose. First, our surgeon will examine your nose and collect X-rays before injecting you with a painkiller or squirting a numbing spray into your nostrils. There are special instruments that we can insert into the nostrils to realign the bones, cartilage and soft tissues. You may need sutures to repair the tissues, or our surgeon can use a special glue to hold the tissues in place. The nose is stabilized with a plastic splint and bandages.

The Recovery Process
After the surgery at West Side Face, you can return home to rest and recover. We will provide prescriptions for medication, and you must use caution while washing your hair or bathing. You will likely develop a lot of bruising on the face, and your tissues will swell, so you must sleep while propping up your head with pillows.

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