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What Is Rhinophyma and How Can a Plastic Surgeon Help?Rhinophyma is a non-cancerous growth that results in a bulbous, pink, excess fleshy-looking nose. This condition is caused by an accumulation of excess tissue in the lining of the nose. Women are at greater risk of developing this condition due to hormonal changes during pregnancy and menopause. A rhinophyma is usually lined with oil-producing glands, and as the nose grows, it will become engorged with blood vessels.

Symptoms Of Rhinophyma

The symptoms of rhinophyma are often easy to indicate. We list a few of them below.

  • Itching
    When you have an itch, you want relief. It is the same for people who have a Rhinophyma. It is due to the swelling and oily skin conditions.
  • Red and bumpy
    Rhinophyma causes a bumpy, red effect on the nose. It is because of the oil glands coming to the skin’s surface.
  • Painful
    Rhinophyma can cause intense pain when you touch it, which does not go away unless it is picked at and scratched again and again.
  • Bleeding
    When engorged with blood vessels, a Rhinophyma can cause heavy bleeding if scratched.
  • Ocular rosacea
    It is a serious condition that can cause the eyes to swell and fill with fluid. It also causes redness and blurry vision. Rhinophyma can cause a similar condition.

What Causes Rhinophyma?

  • Excess oil secretion in the nose
    The body produces oil, known as sebum, to lubricate the skin and hair. The body reabsorbed the oil in people with a normal oil production level. However, if too much oil is produced in the nose can lead to a growth of rhinophyma, and if left untreated, it can lead to a chronic infection.
  • Hormonal changes during pregnancy and menopause
    In women, rhinophyma can develop as a result of hormonal changes. The development of this condition can be linked to increased grease production by the nose, which is due to the body’s response to pregnancy and overactive menstruation.
  • Family history of the condition
    One is more likely to have rhinophyma if one or both parents have it. The risk of developing it is greater if one’s family has a history of it.

How to Treat Rhinophyma

Non-Surgical Treatments
An over-the-counter corticosteroid cream. Topical steroids may cause some improvement in the appearance of your nose. The steroid reduces swelling, redness, and itching. It is used to relieve discomfort. You should always follow the instructions provided by the healthcare professional on how to apply the steroid cream before you use it on your nose.

Surgical Treatment
If you have a Rhinophyma and are worried about the looks of your nose, then you have options. If you have a rhinophyma and are worried about the looks of your nose, then you have options. You can undergo facial cosmetic surgery that will help you get your nose back to its original shape. This kind of surgery is called rhinoplasty. This procedure is usually painless and can be done under local or general anesthetic at a hospital. The surgeon will remove the excess tissue using a scalpel or laser to reduce the size of the nose.

Do your research, find the best rhinoplasty surgeon, and then book an appointment for a consult. The doctor will help you know how severe the rhinophyma growth is and the best rhinoplasty surgery for you.

It is advisable to treat rhinophyma as soon as possible. The best way to do this is to find the most experienced rhinoplasty surgeon in your area. You should look for a surgeon specializing in rhinoplasty, has the experience and has excellent reviews from previous patients. An experienced surgeon will assure you that they know what they are doing and help you have the nose you deserve.

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