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How Rhinoplasty Can Make Your Nose More Symmetrical

Rhinoplasty for Uneven NostrilsThe nose is the central part of the face and dominates the side profile. If you don’t like something about your nose (and there are many things people don’t like), then you may be looking into ways to correct these issues.

Contouring the nose with bronzer has become a popular way to reshape the septum and tip, but this is only a temporary solution. If you have an issue you want fixed for good, then you may have already looked into Los Angeles facial cosmetic surgery.

Something both people who’ve never undergone plastic surgery and those who have already had a cosmetic nasal procedure may experience is asymmetrical nostril sizes. The human eye is drawn more to symmetrical faces, and no matter how attractive you are, you may feel that an off-center nose tip is ruining your confidence.

Causes for Uneven Nostrils 

Why do some people have asymmetrical nostril sizes? Uneven nostrils are an issue that affects those with nasal trauma or incorrect prior nasal surgery. This issue can also occur naturally.

To understand uneven nostrils, it’s important to understand the anatomy of the nose. A plastic surgeon will tell you that the main parts of the nose that are relevant to cosmetic surgery are the nasal bridge, septum, tip, alae, and columella.

An uneven caudal septum is typically to blame for this issue, and this means that the lower portion of the center part of your nose, closest to the nostril openings, is off-center. The columella is the bridge of tissue that divides the nostrils, and this area can be affected by trauma.

If you have previously undergone a rhinoplasty procedure and are facing this issue, then you will need to go into a cosmetic surgery office to fix a botched nose job. The idea of undergoing nasal surgery once again may be a turn-off, but our specialists are renowned experts in correcting other surgeons’ work.

Fixing Uneven Nostrils After an Initial Rhinoplasty Procedure

If your uneven caudal septum has only arisen as a problem following rhinoplasty, then you should undergo revision rhinoplasty. If your first nose job surgeon took too much tissue or cartilage out of the tip of your nose, it may be collapsing on one side.

Rhinoplasty is a very delicate procedure, and removing too much of your nasal tissue, cartilage, and bone can result in a collapse. Doctors for correcting rhinoplasty surgery can correct the mistakes that were made during your first procedure, but revision rhinoplasty is the hardest kind of rhinoplasty to do. Therefore, you should choose a skilled surgeon that can reset your columella.

In some cases, it’s even necessary to insert additional cartilage to help fill out the tip of your nose. This can be from either your own body or the body of a cadaver.

Our head surgeon for nose jobs in Los Angeles, Dr. Aynehchi, spends much of his time correcting the work of other surgeons, earning him the title of one of the only double board-certified rhinoplasty surgeons in the country.

Fixing Uneven Nostrils After Nasal Trauma

If you endured blunt force trauma to the nose, you may have a broken nose that’s causing your nostrils to be so uneven.

An extremely common nasal condition is a deviated septum, which occurs when the center of the nose leans to one side. This will result in the bridge of your nose being crooked as well as your nostrils being uneven. Our doctors can correct this issue through septoplasty, which is often covered by insurance. If you want your deviated septum fixed and your nose to look more attractive, our doctors can perform septorhinoplasty, which may also be partially covered by insurance.

Even if it’s just the bottom portion of your septum that’s off-center, our doctors can operate on your nose in a way that makes you feel more attractive and comfortable with your appearance.

Patient satisfaction and comfort are the priority at our cosmetic surgery office in Los Angeles, so we will work with you and hold your hand so that you go into your nose surgery calm and optimistic. In the event you’re scared about the surgery, we can even offer alternative options, such as dermal fillers, to reshape your nose.

Contact one of our Los Angeles plastic surgery offices to set up a consultation about fixing your uneven nostrils. We will figure out a game plan to approach this issue and fix it with minimal scarring and recovery time.

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