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Fixing the Tip of Your Nose with Tip Rhinoplasty

Rhinoplasty for the Tip of the NoseIf you are fine with the rest of the nose but hate the tip, you can undergo rhinoplasty to reshape and reduce its size. Rhinoplasty is the oldest and is actually the most common form of cosmetic surgery in the world.

People who get a nose job often feel like their insecurities have been completely reversed once they emerge from surgery and the cast is removed. Simply changing the nose can change your whole face, as an unsightly nose can often draw attention away from the other features, no matter how beautiful or striking they may be.

Our Los Angeles facial cosmetic surgery office specializes in delivering excellent rhinoplasty results with high rates of client satisfaction, low pain rates, and short recovery times. Our head cosmetic surgeon, Dr. Behrad Aynehchi, is one of the double-board certified plastic surgeons in California, and with his artistic eye and steady hand, our nose job patients go into surgery calm and confident.

Dr. Aynehchi is a nose job specialist who can customize your nose to something that will make you happy while also using his knowledge to maintain the structural integrity of your face. One of the main features he adjusts is a droopy tip.

Rhinoplasty for the tip of the nose is a surgical procedure that can change all parts of the nose. You may also hear this procedure referred to as tip rhinoplasty, and the goal of this surgery is meant to create a symmetrical nasal tip with the right projection, rotation, and proportion to other parts of the nose.

Tip Rhinoplasty Procedure

Tip rhinoplasty leaves the general bone structure of the nose untouched while the surgeon adjusts the tip. The tip of the nose is made from cartilage, which can be removed, reshaped, and in cases of revision rhinoplasty, added to. In cases where additional cartilage is necessary, the cosmetic surgeon often sources from your ear or a cadaver.

Because this form of rhinoplasty only impacts the tip of the nose, it takes a fraction of the time to perform.

Reshaping a Droopy Tip

Those with a nose that droops downward at the end may feel that their droopy tip makes them look more masculine or less attractive. Due to gravity and the way our body parts age, a droopy tip may get worse with age, leaving many to undergo nasal surgery in their 40s or 50s.

Rhinoplasty to fix a droopy tip is focused on removing portions of the tip that are pulling it downwarn and helping upturn it so it points either forward or upward. Fixing the tip is often done through straightening the bottom of the septum and pulling it downward. Anchoring the nasal tip cartilage can smooth out the curved appearance.

Reshaping a Bulbous Tip 

If you think the tip of your nose is too big for your face, you can get your bulbous tip reshaped or made smaller.

This is a minimally invasive procedure that involves reducing the size of the nostrils or the tip to minimize its impact on your face. Oftentimes, the lower portion of the septum and the outside of the nostrils can be shaved down and reshaped.

Reshaping with Fillers

If your nose tip dips down, fillers can be used to shape your nose. Injecting dermal fillers into the tip can fill out certain dips that are making the tip stand out. Patients are often amazed at how a simple injection can sculpt their nose and remove droopiness and asymmetry.

Because fillers do not require general anesthetic or as much surgical time, they are often cheaper and preferred by those who are nervous about undergoing rhinoplasty. However, rhinoplasty through fillers does not last nearly as long. Most fillers are fully absorbed by the body in just a few years.

Contacting a Plastic Surgery Office

If you’d like to get a nose job for the tip of your nose, you want this delicate surgery to be done by a skilled and experienced rhinoplasty specialist. You can find no better than at Westside Face.

With a great track record of 5-star reviews on Google, Yelp, and RealSelf, you can go into your surgery knowing that you’ll be overjoyed at the results. Contact our office to set up a consultation to find which rhinoplasty method is right for your concerns.

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