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What Are Triple Eyelids, and Can They Be Treated?2021-06-15T10:32:50+00:00

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What Are Triple Eyelids, and Can They Be Treated?Triple eyelids are a phenomenon well-known to cosmetic surgeons. This eyelid tripling occurs when the eyelid develops an extra fold. This can prove to be embarrassing and confusing for the individual who suddenly experiences a change in shape to one of the most personal and distinctive parts of his or her profile. The eyes make the face and when the eyes change shape, the consumer has to wonder what has caused this shift and what can be done to restore one’s eyes back to their original state. The consumer can address lifestyle changes and also undergo surgery for lower eyelid wrinkle reduction in Los Angeles.

Muscle Weakness

There are multiple different causes of eyelid tripling. One factor that can contribute to eyelid tripling phenomenon is increasing weakness of the muscles surrounding the eyelid. The eyelid is held in place by the muscle between the eyebrow and the eyelid. Over time, these aforementioned muscles can lose strength. Those who work in fields wherein vision is strained, such as individuals who earn their primary income via the computer or through observation of objects that lie in the distance, are particularly at risk for the weakening of these eyelid muscles. Surveyors who must observe objects in the distance and other professionals who must keep constant sight of the distance are at risk. These individuals are often candidates for eyelid surgery.

Loss of Elasticity

Another cause of triple eyelids is simply the loss of elasticity within the skin surrounding the eyelid. Loss of elasticity in the skin can be due to many factors. The first factor that can influence lack elasticity in the skin is a lack of proper anti aging routing for the eye skin. The skin of the eye, just like the skin of the face and the skin of the rest of the body, requires special treatment. The skin of the eyelid requires nourishment because it is especially thin compared to other skin. This is why many individuals choose to have surgery.

While the facial skin is very thin compared to the skin on other areas of the body, the eyelid skin is even more delicate than the facial skin. This means that a special beauty routine must be put in place in order to care for the sensitive skin. The consumer should purchase eyelid creams rich in antioxidants. These types of creams can help to prevent the signs of aging on the eyelid. They can also help to regenerate the eyelid skin cells so that loss of elasticity is slowed, if not prevented.

Fat Loss

Another factor that contributes to eyelid tripling is fat loss. Fat loss can occur when the individual is lacking necessary nutrients in the diet. While the consumer is encouraged to avoid fats in order to prevent excess obesity, not all fats are harmful. As a matter of fact, the body needs fats in order to function.

The skin requires the ability to draw fatty lipids such as Omega 3 and Omega 6 from the diet in order to supplement the skin with lining to hold in moistures. Los Angeles facial cosmetic surgery practitioners see many patients who, having cut fats out of the diet in order to preserve a thin figure, actually have thus helped to degrade the quality of their eyelid skin. The skin, and especially the skin around the eyes, needs fats in order to regenerate properly and maintain youthful appearance. When fats are lacking in the diet, fats such as those underneath the upper eyelid and around the eye socket, can degrade. This loss actually directly contributes to the development of eyelid tripling. 

What Can Be Done?

Those who experience eyelid tripling, beyond going through the sheer confusion of a total change in the visual composition of their face, are likely to seek out some sort of treatment for the change. While facial muscle exercises, eyelid creams, and dietary fat supplements can serve to benefit the consumer in the long term, the effects of these treatments are slow and cannot always completely reverse the eyelid tripling. For this reason, cosmetic surgery professionals offer surgical treatment for the tripling eyelid.

Surgery is the most effective and quickest way to address the issue of tripling eyelids. Undergoing an eyelid lift is one option for surgical treatment. There are a few different surgeries that are known to fix the issue. The first is referred to as blepharoplasty. Blepharoplasty is a type of eyelid surgery that removes excess skin around the eyelid. The surgery also serves to life up any sagging skin toward the brow and away from the lower portion of the eyelid.

Another surgery that can be performed in order to address eyelid tripling is brow surgery. This procedure lifts up a sagging brow toward the brow line. The modern form of this surgery entails only very small incisions. In this particular procedure, the small incisions are made only beyond the hairline, so as to prevent the visibility of any potential and minimal scars. Brow lifts are very popular procedures for those looking to counteract eyelid tripling and for those seeking to gain a more youthful, alert appearance within the face. Recovery time spans a maximum of only one week total.

Another popular procedure that is utilized in order to counteract eyelid tripling is referred to as lipofilling. Here, the plastic surgeon addresses the aforementioned issue that can be known to cause tripling in the first place – lack of sufficient fats in and around the eye. Through the procedure of lipofilling, the surgeon removes fats from one area of the body via liposuction and then supplements the area around the eye with these fats.

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