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You may think you are completely sure about getting a refreshing facelift, but you still probably have numerous questions before you actually go under the knife. However, that doesn’t mean you are getting cold feet, necessarily.

After all, between your friends and family, television, the internet, and anything you may have read, you are sure to have absorbed some misinformation that may be confusing, off-putting, or downright scary. That said, there is nothing to worry about if you are considering undergoing a mini face lift. The treatment is both safe and effective. Remember, all facelifts and all faces are different.

You will be absolutely amazed at how, under the care of a seasoned facial plastic surgeon, your face will transition back to an earlier point in time. When it comes to getting rid of jowls, patients know that a brand new, rejuvenated version of themselves will appear years younger, yet still natural, and show a marked difference, while remaining beautiful.

That is why it means so much to us here at Westside Face to work one on one with you to tailor your surgery to create the exact results that you desire. We want you to know exactly what you are committing to and we want to ensure that you look radiant as a result.

A great way in which we encourage our patients to stay on the same page as us is by scheduling a pre-surgery consultation prior to any mini face lift for jowls in Los Angeles. During this time, we can answer all your questions, address your concerns, and be sure to keep your end results realistic and grounded.

However, since we have been doing this for a number of years, we are well aware that you may be having a few queries right now, before making any solid commitment. As such, we have provided some quick answers to some of the most commonly asked questions about the most popular treatment – a facelift.

  1. What is a Mini Face Lift and How is it Different from a Facelift?
    Honestly, the name is just a different name for the same procedure. In modern plastic surgery, “facelift” is becoming an archaic term. This is particularly true for surgeons that specialize in the reconstruction of the neck and facial areas. Mini face lifts are really a catch-all term for all modern facelifts, which are more or less a sagging jowls treatment clients look for.

    The juxtaposition originally was when typical facelifts were still performed with invasive, large incisions. The usual surgery also had fewer technological advances available to aid in healing. Therefore, the then-newer “mini face lifts” had a different moniker vis-à-vis the older procedure that was still in practice. So, yesterday’s mini face lift is now just a facelift. That is because it is the dominant procedure as far as facelifts go in the 21st century, and it still involves incisions, though they are made in a more efficient manner with more effective results. The only issue is that these surgeries that are labelled as mini face lifts can mean different procedures to different doctors. Some practices have even nicknamed the process of getting rid of jowls as a “lunchtime lift,” but we believe this can be irresponsible. Any plastic surgery as invasive as a facelift still manipulates skin, muscles, and tissue in order to reverse the effects of aging. So, while healing can be faster and surgery is now relatively quick itself, proper recovery time is still required. It is, after all, still a surgical procedure.

  2. How Much Downtime will I Need?
    This is hard to answer because all people are completely different. For example, patients may have their surgeries after heavy sun damage, drastic weight loss, decades of smoking, or simply after severe collagen breakdowns due to being older than the average client. This means they will require more surgeries on their skin and underlying muscles than a younger, healthier individual. That said, any plastic surgeon worth his or her salt would never judge a prospective patient. These issues simply have to be taken into consideration in order to customize each facelift to every individual’s personal needs. From here, a dedicated surgeon can honestly ascertain a realistic recovery period following surgery. It is true, however, that most patients can brush on some concealer and successfully blend into the crowd after a couple weeks with no visible evidence of recent plastic surgery. Truly, when it comes to facial plastic surgery in 2020, there isn’t really much downtime per se. It really is more of a period of time in which to heal. The body needs time to regenerate new cells to aid in the recovery from any surgery. After the initial healing ends, your face will refresh and rejuvenate little by little each day for a few months until you are sure to reach your optimal look. You will awaken every single day to looking prettier and younger! That is why when it comes to getting a lift, patients trust Westside Face.
  3. Will my Scars be Visible after Healing?
    With the advanced instruments surgeons use today, scars do occur, but they are far from visible. Small incisions are made in areas of the face in places where the plastic surgeon will slightly manipulate the surrounding muscle tissues. You may be able to find the tiny healed scars with strong glasses, but you are not likely to see them with the naked eye if you don’t know they are there. And, while the scars are practically invisible as it is, they are also difficult to find. Many times, when it comes to a mini face lift for aging facial features, clients would be surprised to locate slight scars inside the ears or at the hairline. The incisions take a couple of months to disappear, but if you wear your hair up in the meantime, they really won’t show prominently at all.
  4. How Long will my Results Last?
    Honestly, the results will never dissipate. So, the easy answer is “always.” However, you must realize that you won’t remain looking exactly as you did immediately after your recovery. You will age, but you will just appear younger than you would if never had the surgery. Think of your Los Angeles facial cosmetic surgery as a miraculous rewind. Now you will begin to age from that point onward. That said, with proper lifestyle choices like adequate hydration, a healthy diet, consistent moisturizing, and constant use of sunscreen, your original results will last longer. Of course, genetics play a key role as well.
  5. Will my Results Appear Natural?
    Qualified surgeons actually look at your face in a way as if you never aged, and they then use this as a map to build a customized facelift to address only your particular needs. He or she uses his or her innate knowledge and professional training to assess exactly how you will look after the fact. Using this expertise, your doctor is sure to create a post-surgical look that is perfectly natural, yet refreshing.

Taut skin is only half as important as reproducing the vibrant and fully-rested appearance that most of us enjoyed naturally in our youth. That is the marker by which you should measure how realistic-looking a surgery is.

Do you have additional questions? Come into Westside Face and set up a free consultation with our doctors to sit down with you and answer all your questions about mini face lift surgery. Give us a call today! Our friendly staff will schedule a time for you to come in to discuss your facial cosmetic options.

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