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What is a Lunchtime Facelift?

Lunchtime facelift, also known as the thread lift or mini face lift, is the less invasive and cheaper alternative to the traditional facelift. The procedure entails lifting different parts of your facial skin using threads. Essentially, it involves hooking the skin and pulling it up to correct the sagging of the skin. This Los Angeles facial cosmetic surgery is common among people in their 40s.

It is a modified form of the traditional facelift, in which a plastic surgeon applies small incisions on your hairline to aid in lifting the lower half of your facial skin for sagging jowls.

How Lunchtime Facelift Works

We have already established that a lunchtime facelift is an anti-aging cosmetic surgery. The surgeon achieves the desired results by “lifting” your facial skin with small incisions. They might also remove excess skin during the procedure to help reduce wrinkles and subsequently tighten your skin.

At times, a brow lift or eye lift may be done together with the mini facelift in a bid to maximize the results. This is primarily because a mini facelift only targets “lifting” your lower face – mainly the cheeks and jawline.

Sagging Jowls Treatment Los Angeles Procedure

Being an Invasive surgical procedure, a lunchtime facelift will require either local or general anesthesia. While under anesthesia, the cosmetic surgeon makes small incisions around your hairline and ears.

They operate on the underlying skin tissues by lifting and pulling them up. They will also remove any excess skin tissues. After completing the surgery, the surgeon closes up the incisions with sutures.

Areas Targeted in a Mini Face Lift

Different from traditional facelift procedures, a mini face lift procedure is done through smaller incisions. These incisions are made above each ear or along your hairline. The cosmetic surgeon then lifts your facial skin up through your cheeks to fix sagging skin. The use of smaller cuts are helpful, especially for people prone to scarring.

Side Effects and Risks Associated with Mini Face Lifts

The most prevalent side effects of mini facelift procedures include swelling, bruising, and pain immediately after surgery. However, these symptoms subside after a few days. If you experience symptoms of excessive bleeding or an infection, contact your doctor immediately.

Some of the severe side effects that will need the attention of a doctor include:

  • Severe pain
  • Fever and chills
  • Increased swelling
  • Bleeding and oozing from the stitches
  • Lost sense of feeling arising from nerve damage

What You Should Expect After a Lunchtime Facelift

Once your face lift surgery is completed, your surgeon will send you home with the stitches properly dressed. The stitches will typically need regular dressing for about ten days. You will then go back to the surgeon to have the stitches removed. You might experience some swelling, bruising, and pain after the removal of the stitches.

In most cases, your doctor might advise against specific activities such as high-intensity workouts, as these may worsen your symptoms. Generally, it will take some weeks to completely recover from a lunchtime facelift.

You will not need follow up procedures after recovery unless some complications develop in the course of recovery. Although the results from mini face lifts are permanent, you can always ask your cosmetic surgeon whether you can have a non-invasive anti-aging procedure such as dermal fillers performed to maximize results.

Preparation for a Lunchtime Facelift

Your surgeon will give instructions on preparations for getting rid of jowls. For ladies, you should avoid wearing jewelry and makeup to your appointment.

Important: Disclose all supplements, herbs, and medications you use. Your surgeon might instruct you to quit using some over-the-counter drugs such as ibuprofen and aspirin as these are drugs that can result in excessive bleeding. If you smoke tobacco, your doctor may instruct you to quit for about four to six weeks before surgery.

You should also make arrangements to have someone to drive you home after the surgery.

How Convenient is a Mini Facelift Los Angeles?

Unlike non-invasive anti-aging procedures such as fillers, performing lunchtime facelift necessitates professional medical training. Only board-certified and licensed dermatological and plastic surgeons can perform lunchtime facelifts in Los Angeles.

It is important that you find an experienced and certified cosmetic surgeon that specializes in mini face lifts for your procedure. This ensures that the surgery is smooth, as well as the recovery process. Recovery might take several weeks, and you might be required to take time off work.

Mini Facelift Cost

For a full facelift procedure, the average cost is about $7,665. You can expect the same cost for a mini face lift procedure due to the amount of work done, but the estimate ranges between $3,500 and $8,000. You should, therefore, not assume that a mini face lift is always cheaper than a full version.

It is also important for you to note that the mentioned price only covers the surgery. Patients will have to pay for additional services and medications such as anesthesia and postoperative prescriptions, alongside the hospital fees. In case of any complications after surgery, you will be required to pay for any arising bills as well.

Most medical insurance policies do not cover lunchtime facelift procedures or any other form of cosmetic surgery. This is because cosmetic procedures are seen as aesthetic needs and, therefore, not considered as medically necessary.

However, most surgeons offer discounts and payment plans to help patients offset the cost of the procedures. Another alternative is requesting a paid time off at work since recovery will take several weeks after surgery. This will help cover the cost of treatment.

Mini Face Lift Safety Tips

  1. While this facial cosmetic surgery relies on fewer incisions in comparison to traditional face facelift procedures, it is nonetheless considered an invasive procedure
  2. It is rare for patients to suffer severe side effects, but when they do happen, they include infections and excessive bleeding.
  3. Like all other forms of surgery, patients should expect mild side effects, which include pain, bruising, and swelling.







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